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Philharmonia Virtuosi of New York

The Philharmonia Virtuosi of NY were a distinctive chamber orchestra, combining light music with serious, performing not merely in some from the leading concert venues in NY, but also on ocean liners, just like the Queen Elizabeth II and Vistafjord. Obviously, this world-famous ensemble will permanently be inextricably associated with its creator and conductor, Richard Kapp. With him the Philharmonia Virtuosi produced some greatest-hits recordings which were smashing successes, specifically the first in the series, the best-selling Greatest Strikes of 1720, a assortment of Baroque favorites. As the ensemble’s repertory offers included very much Baroque music by J.S. Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Telemann, and many more including smaller knowns, in addition they frequently performed and documented music from later on intervals by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Offenbach, Bizet, Wagner, Prokofiev, Copland, Bernstein, and so many more. Due to its smaller sized size, the ensemble frequently augmented its quantity to perform bigger ratings, much like the Bernstein Candide Overture as well as the Ravel G main Piano Concerto. Over time the Philharmonia Virtuosi made an appearance at Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Middle, as well as the leading locations across European countries, Japan, and Asia. They produced over 50 recordings, most still on a multitude of brands, including Ess.A.Con Recordings, Vox, Sony, RCA, Centaur, Growing Celebrity, and Brilliant Classics. The Philharmonia Virtuosi of NY was founded in 1968 by Richard Kapp, though its 1st official concert had not been provided until 1974. The group quickly drew interest in the brand new York region, and in 1977 documented probably one of the most well-known classical albums of this decade, these Greatest Strikes of 1720, released around the Columbia Masterworks label. As the Greatest Strikes of 1721 (1980), Greatest Strikes of 1790 (1980), and Greatest Strikes from the 1900s (1986) adopted with nearly the same achievement, the ensemble continued to produce a extremely popular three-volume group of Vivaldi favorites in the 1990s and ratings of other effective CDs. In the meantime, the Philharmonia Virtuosi had been producing regular concert performances at City Hall, the Buy University Performing Arts Middle, as well as the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, where they offered as citizen orchestra from 1991. The group also released several highly effective concert tours overseas. The Philharmonia Virtuosi performed frequently in concert until 2004, when Kapp was identified as having cancers. The ensemble resumed concert activity in Feb 2006, however the return will be short-lived, as Kapp passed away in June that season.

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