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Pestilential Shadows

Black metal music group Pestilential Shadows emerged in the cemetery crypts of New Southern Wales, Australia, in 2003, initiating a belligerent advertising campaign to terrify humanity with pictures of death, devastation, plague, and genocide — all via the present of music! In every seriousness, the leather-and-studs-bound, corpse-painted music artists quickly go about placing their music where their bloodied fangs had been, building an inexorable, intentionally lo-fi and depressive design via 2003’s Putrify EP, and follow-up albums, Embrace After Loss of life (2005) and Cursed (2006). Throughout this time around, bandmembers dropped out with some regularity, wiped out and devoured one another (no, not necessarily), resulting in a prolonged amount of silence and significant lineup adjustments before the band’s third record, 2009’s In Memoriam, Sick Omen. This is released by brand-new label Pulverised Information and highlighted the ghoulish quintet of Balam (electric guitar, vocals), Desolate (aka Malaphas, electric guitar, vocals), Zameth (electric guitar, bass), Eligos (bass, electric guitar) and Sorrow (drums).

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