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Percy Greenbank

b. 24 January 1878, London, Britain, d. 9 Dec 1968, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, Britain. Like his old sibling, Harry Greenbank, Percy proved helpful first being a journalist before getting into the theatre being a songwriter. On the behest of George Edwardes, when Harry passed away he began composing lyrics for tracks for interpolation into musical comedies the impresario created at his theatres, like the Gaiety and Daly’s. Among composers and additional lyricists with whom Greenbank collaborated had been Ivan Caryll, Lilian Eldée, Harry Graham, Seymour Hicks, Frederick Lonsdale, Lionel Monckton, Adrian Ross, Paul Rubens, Howard Talbot, Fred Thompson and Hadyn Real wood. The to begin the displays was The Messenger Boy (1900), composing the lyric for the name music, and he added fresh material to the prior yr’s San Plaything which his sibling had worked well, notably ‘Someone’ and ‘All I’D LIKE Is A SMALL AMOUNT OF Fun’. Through another 2 decades he collaborated on tracks contained in the Toreador as well as the Homosexual Cadets (both 1901), A Nation Young lady and Three Small Maids (both 1902), My Woman Molly, The Orchid as well as the Earl And THE LADY (all 1903), The Blue Moon, The Cingalee, Véronique and Woman Madcap (all 1904), THE TINY Michus (with Greenbank composing British lyrics for the initial Les P’tites Michu) as well as the Spring Rooster (both 1905), THE LADY Behind The Counter-top, See See, THE BRAND NEW Aladdin and Two Naughty Children (all 1906), The Three Kisses (1907), The Belle Of Brittany (1908), Our Miss Gibbs and A Persian Princess (both 1909), The Quaker Gal (1910), The Mousmé (1911), Princess Caprice, Fall Manoeuvres as well as the Dance Mistress (all 1912), THE LADY From Utah (1913), The Movie theater Star, FOLLOWING THE Gal and Tonight’s THE NIGHT TIME (all 1914, the last mentioned in NY), Tina (1915), Houp-La! (1916) as well as the Boy (1917). In the years following end of WW1, Greenbank’s efforts continuing although for fewer productions: THE LADY For The Guy, The Kiss Contact (both 1919), My Nieces (1921), THE TINY Duchess (1922), THE ROAD Vocalist (1924), and Yvonne (1926), that he composed the British libretto based on the initial German creation. That present, his last essential work, acquired music and lyrics by Jean Gilbert and Vernon Duke. Although he continuing to focus on periodic projects, from the first 30s Greenbank was successfully in retirement through the theatre.

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