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Pepsi Auer

A name that appears like a variety present sponsored with a soft drink firm seems just like the last place Eric Dolphy would arrive, the German pianist and composer referred to as Pepsi Auer actually supported the innovative jazz multi-instrumentalist. It had been all in day’s function for the pianist within an industrious profession on the Western european jazz”>Western european jazz picture that started on-stage at armed forces clubs through the second Globe Battle. Auer, who acquired begun studying key pad with Hans Kray, became the pianist in the Freddy Christmann quartet in the middle-’50s, ultimately seizing control of the group totally in an actions referred to as a “combo putsch”, probably due to Auer’s Munich history. In 1957 and 1958, Auer proved helpful mainly with Freddy Brocksieper, but also started touring past due in this era within an aggregation known as the German All Superstars. Other members of the ensemble included saxophonists Emil Mangelsdorff and Joki Freund aswell as Peter Trunk, who by playing not merely trumpet, cello, and bass cleverly avoids the difference of being among the just musicians ever sold who might use his surname to haul his equipment around. Albert Mangelsdorff, the German trombonist who’s among the land’s most well-known jazz exports, also became associated with this group and utilized the pianist on some past due-’50s recordings including many uncommon EPs. Besides showing up on greater than a dozen jazz documenting periods between 1954 and 1967, Auer also set up himself as an arranger, including pop materials, and was highlighted in regular broadcasts on German radio. Preventing the frantic modernism that became an important area of the ’60s and ’70s German jazz picture, Auer continues to be a mainstream guy, solidly focused on a middle surface somewhere within the opposing varieties of Bud Powell and Horace Sterling silver. His documented appearance with Dolphy may be the consequence of a live gig in Berlin in 1961, also offering expatriate trumpeter and solid swinger Benny Bailey.

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