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Little is well known approximately Peirol’s early lifestyle except that he was created in Peirol castle and was operating towards the Dauphin of Auvergne in Clermont until 1202. It isn’t very clear if he journeyed on the 3rd crusade but he do make an allusion to coming back from Jerusalem in the 5th crusade. Of his thirty four poems that are extant, seventeen of these are the music including “Per dan que d’amor m’aveigna” that was afterwards imitated. This is the only function of Peirol’s that received such compliment. He composed mostly in “vers” and “sonets” and could have designed to use the conditions synonymously. Oddly enough the “vers” had been frequently through-composed and melismatic as the “sonets” had been succinct and even more syllabic. Peirol’s most well-known function was “Quant amors trobet partit” which unfolds as a disagreement between your topics of acquiring the cross towards the crusades or offering the girl in his lifestyle. It may have already been written during the 3rd crusade.

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