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Peire Vidal

Poems by this troubadour demonstrate a clear mindedness and imaginative character. He reportedly offered a variety of patrons and followed Richard the Lion-heart, partly, through the third crusade. A couple of around fifty poems related to him and twelve of these poems are extant using the music. This content of his poems unveils a service of phrase, typical awareness and specialized abilities. Features of Vidal’s functions include a thorough compass including one of these that extends a complete octave and a seventh, and strophe patterns of abba finishing using a “c” and “d” in rhyming pairs. Vidal also utilized a variety of modes however the last note didn’t give a tonal middle. Symmetry can’t be within his usage of rhythms or motifs. Three functions by Vidal, that endure in several source, consist of “Anc no mori,” “Be’m pac d’ivern,” and “Quant hom.”

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