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Pawlo Humeniuk


Pawlo Humeniuk was among the great Ukrainian fiddlers from the early-twentieth hundred years. Although he emigrated to america in 1902, he continuing to protect the musical customs of his homeland. A popular of immigrants from eastern European countries, Humeniuk offered the musical backdrop for Ukrainian, Polish, Slovak and Hungarian areas. His best-known documenting, “Ukrainske Wesilie (Ukrainian Wedding ceremony),” released in 1926, offered near 150,000 copies. Its follow-up, “Chrestyny (Christening),” was almost as effective. Humeniuk, who started to research violin at age six, continuing his research, after moving towards the U.S., in the St. Petersburg Conservatory in Florida. A tanner and instrumental contractor in his homeland, Humeniuk dedicated his regular focus on music in america. Regarding his music group, he performed frequently at concerts, celebrations, weddings as well as the vaudeville stage. Between 1926 and 1940, Humeniuk created several hundred recordings.

Quick Facts

Died January 24, 1965
Education Saint Petersburg Conservatory
Music Songs Tanec Pid Werbamy, Oj Pidu Ja Szicher Wicher, Na Wesiliu Pid Chatoju, Na Wesiliu, Pry Weczeri, Hraj, Abo Hroszi Widdaj, Oi Ia Sobi Kozak Lepkii, Oj Tam Za Lisom, I Ia Toe Divcha Liubliu, Iak Zachuiu Kolomyiku, Wals Bandura, Dance Under the Willows, Dumka Y Kolomyika, Do Poczajewa Na Widpust, Oj Kozacze Bilousyj, Winkopletyny, Zaruczyny, Chrestyny, Ukrainske Wesilia, Poprawiny, Czaban, Hutzulka, Prydany, Oj, Diwczyno, Diwczynonku, Urkainska weselia w Americy
Albums King Of The Ukrainian Fiddlers

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