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Pavel Fajt

Because the mid-’80s, Pavel Fajt (pronounced “combat”) continues to be perhaps one of the most prominent music artists in the Czech alternative rock and roll scene. Being a drummer, a composer, and a bandleader, he continues to be instrumental in the shaping of a unique Czech rock and roll identity. Back, he initial got observed among the seminal group Dunaj. Internationally, he’s best-known for his duo with Iva Bittová as well as for his appearance in the film and on the soundtrack Stage Across the Boundary about avant-garde electric guitar hero Fred Frith. Delivered your day after Xmas in 1957 in Brno (also Bittová’s hometown), Fajt got significantly associated with music rather past due. He begun to are a author of music for dance and movie theater in the first ’80s and began as a specialist musician in 1983 in groupings that left little if any track (Nucleus, Manana, Jeste Jsme Se Nedohodli). 1983 was also the entire year he co-founded Dunaj, guaranteeing to swiftly become the mom of a fresh rock and roll picture in Czechoslovakia, its siblings populating the catalog from the record label Indies. In 1985, Fajt started to collaborate with vocalist/violinist Iva Bittová. This task yielded several critically acclaimed albums in the past due ’80s; required the duo around European countries, America, and Japan; and drawn the interest of Fred Frith, who performed with both of these in the 1988 MIMI Event (France) (ex-Etron Fou Leloublan guitarist Ferdinand Richard would perform the same a 12 months later on). The 1st half from the 1990s noticed several projects filling up Fajt’s routine: the Joseph Males with ex-Dunaj guitarist Vladimír Václavek, the Vogel Europas, Macaronic Sines with Anna Homler and Geert Waegeman, and duos with Extempore innovator Mikolás Chadima and drummer Jim Meneses (the Stickmen, No Pop, Palinckx). Fajt founded his personal group, Pluto, in 1995, recruiting vocalist Václav Bartos, guitarist Petr Zavadil, and bassist Tomás Fröhlich, who stay a trusty sideman in the drummer’s additional projects. Pluto presented the very best in Fajt, channeling his weighty yet delicate playing design in energy powered songs which were generally available yet always around the verge of something avant-garde. The group’s two CDs — Pavel Fajt & Pluto, 1996, and Tri, 1998 — stand among his greatest function. In the past due ’90s, he participated in the Danubians with Amy Denio and people from the Hungarian avant-rock group Kampec Dolores. He released his initial solo record, Drum Trek, in 2001.

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