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Paulo César Pinheiro

One of the better poets of Musica Popular Brasileira, Paulo César Pinheiro wrote more than 1,500 tunes with an increase of than 100 different companions. Over 700 of his tunes have been documented and re-recorded, accumulated to 900 discographical registers by over 120 interpreters, in nearly 300 different information. Not being truly a musician, Pinheiro however published complete tunes with music and lyrics, such as for example “Alento” (documented by Paulinho da Viola), “Samba da Ilusão” (documented by Cristina Buarque), “Meu Castigo,” “Ninguém,” and “Rolou” (documented by Clara Nunes), amongst others. Pinheiro may be the poet of loneliness, of eternal enthusiasm and of failed like affairs; in his poetry, samba and loss of life meet one another. From the era from the ’60s, he began to write poetry at 13 and, in 1964, he wrote the vintage “Viagem” with João de Aquino, that was his 1st track. In 1965, Pinheiro began a prolific collaboration with Baden Powell, with “Lapinha” (which received the I Bienal perform Samba event of Television Record, in 1968, having been documented within this same season by Elis Regina). Through Powell, he fulfilled (and constructed with) Pixinguinha, Radamés Gnattali, Alcyr Pires Vermelho, Mirabeau, and Ribamar. “A Grande Ausente” (created with Francis Hime) was provided by Taiguara on the III Festival da Música Well-known Brasileira (Festival of Brazilian Well-known Music, Television Record, 1968) and got 6th place. Pinheiro also acquired his “Anunciação” (created with Francis Hime) interpreted for the reason that season by MPB-4 on the III Celebration Internacional da Canção (International Tune Celebration, Television Globo). In 1970, he previously a short period in Paris, France, with Baden Powell. Time for Brazil, he participated within the soundtrack from the film A Vingança dos Doze (Marcos Farias), having also acquired 12 of his music contained in the soundtrack of it Globo cleaning soap opera O Semideus. Within the same season, Elis Regina documented his “Samba perform Perdão,” “Quaquaraquaquá,” and “Aviso Aos Navegantes” (all created with Powell), while Elizeth Cardoso documented “Refém da Solidão” (also created with Powell). In 1971, Pinheiro gained the IV Celebration Universitário da Música Popular (School Celebration of Popular Music, Television Tupi) with “E Lá Se Vão Meus Anéis certainly” (created with Eduardo Gudin), interpreted with the Operating-system Originais perform Samba; and “Diálogo design” (created with Baden Powell) gained a celebration in Spain within the next season. In 1973, he participated within the soundtrack from the film Tati, a Garota (Bruno Barreto), and acquired his “Agora é Portela 74” (created with Maurício Tapajós) documented by MPB-4. The very first LP documented by Pinheiro because the interpreter of his very own compositions was Paulo César Pinheiro, which acquired “Maior é Deus” (created with Eduardo Gudin), “Viagem” (created with João de Aquino), “Cicatrizes” (created with Miltinho), among others. In 1975-1976, he participated, with Márcia and Eduardo Gudin, within the historical present O Importante É Que A Nossa Emoção Sobreviva, that was documented live and released being a LP. In 1978, Pinheiro composed the soundtrack towards the film A Batalha dos Guararapes (Paulo Thiago) and participated within the soundtrack from the highly popular Television Globo children’s series Sítio perform Pica-Pau Amarelo with “Pedrinho e Jabuticaba” (created with Dori Caymmi); having also created, with Edu Lobo, tunes for another children’s Television show Rá-Tim-Bum (Television Cultura). Within the ’80s, Pinheiro documented additional LPs as an interpreter, having also released another poetry publication (after Canto Brasileiro, 1976). In 1994, he previously nationwide visibility using the praised live documented display with João Nogueira, Parcerias. 2 yrs later, another achievement: this time around with the display Tudo o Que Mais Nos Uniu, with Márcia and Eduardo Gudin, a commemoration from the 20 years from the 1st spectacle performed from the trio.

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