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Paul Metsa

Vocalist/songwriter Paul Metsa is really a local of the same Minnesota Iron Range that produced Bob Dylan. His mom was a jazz vocalist; his dad, a tavern owner, also performed accordion expertly. In grade college, he previously his personal folk duo and later on a rock-band. In 1979, he relocated from his house in Virginia, MN, to Minneapolis to pursue his musical profession. Initially, he performed in a music group called Cats Beneath the Celebrities, which issued an individual, “Blue Spirits”/”Louie, Louie,” in 1982. He proceeded to go single and self-released his debut single recording, Paper Tigers, by himself Raven Information label in 1984. (The recording was reissued on Compact disc with bonus songs in 2001.) Following a handful of singles (“59 Coal Mines”/”Celebrities On the Pacific” [1986] and “Ferris Tires on the Plantation”/”Party to a Criminal offense” [1987]), he arrived along with his second recording, Sluggish Justice, in 1990. A concert documenting, Live in the Guthrie, adopted in 1991, and two more studio room produces, the retrospective Radio Motel (1992) and Whistling At night Graveyard (1993), before another live recording, Mississippi Farewell, was released in 1994. Metsa released an EP, Lincoln’s Bedroom, in 1998. In the mean time, Metsa performed in night clubs extensively round the U.S. and abroad. In 2004, while casting around for something to tag his 25th wedding anniversary like a performer, he discovered a recording he previously manufactured in Mars Studio room in Austin, TX, in Oct 1990. Loud Home Records selected it up for launch and released it beneath the name Texas within the Twilight in January 2005.

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