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Paul Haig

Paul Haig may be best known because the frontman of Scottish post-punk music group Josef K, whose lone standard record played a significant role within the advancement of the C-86 picture that followed a couple of years following the group’s disintegration. Haig continuing with several involvements in the next decades, liberating several records by himself furthermore to issuing many collaborative attempts. The early-’80s separation of Josef K also noticed him abandon a number of the anti-commercial ideals that he previously stood for, as he also aligned himself with several musically varied titles along the way. Haig was most prolific within the years rigtht after Josef K, liberating several singles and full-lengths under his personal name in addition to Rhythm of Existence. Released in 1983, the synth-based The Tempo of Existence (documented in NY) presented the handiwork of Pere Ubu’s Anton Fier, Parliament/Funkadelic’s Bernie Worrell, as well as the Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey. Set alongside the Human being League as well as the English Electronic Basis, the record barely resembled his previously, frantically guitar-driven function, basing itself in slick pop and alienating a lot of his followers because of this. Several 1984 singles had been documented with Cabaret Voltaire and Bernard Sumner before Haig teamed up even more considerably with ex-Associate and live associate Alan Rankine. A complete recording was shelved because of label issues, however the recordings that adopted had been released as 1985’s The Warp of Pure Fun. Stylistically like the Rhythm of Existence, Rankine continued to be aboard and added his mastery of consumer electronics and production. In the mean time, the big music group and torch specifications curiosity Golf swing in ’82 premiered, which sat within the vault for 3 years before viewing the light of time. European Sunlight was released in 1988, compiling singles and extras spanning six years. The self-funded String was documented during 1988 with Rankine, with Virgin affiliate marketer Circa picking right up the recordings, however, not launching them until middle-1989. Circa set up the money to get a follow-up, enlisting the providers of Lil’ Louis, Mantronix, as well as the Chimes. An individual from the periods proceeded to go nowhere in night clubs and on the graphs, so the record (Directly on Range) was shelved. Crepuscle ultimately bought the privileges towards the record, launching it in 1993 simply because Coincidence vs. Destiny. Haig started a label of his very own called Tempo of Lifestyle, issuing another installment of Cinematique. He also released several posthumous Billy Mackenzie recordings, especially the collaborative Storage Palace, released in 1999. In 2003 LTM reissued and remastered Coincidence vs. Destiny as well as the Warp of Pure Fun with brand-new liner records and bonus paths.

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