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Patrick Fitzsimmons

Patrick Fitzsimmons, formerly of the brand new Jersey grass origins band From Great Homes, found out himself in a crossroads in 1999 in both his personal and professional existence. Divorce shook his personal existence. His ex-wife relocated to Burlington, VT, with the youngster, therefore Fitzsimmons, who experienced lived in NJ the majority of his existence, headed there, as well. That was simply the start. After a decade of touring and creating tunes, From Great Homes bet farewell to a loaded home at Waterloo Town in Byram, NJ, in 1999. It had been a period of representation for Fitzsimmons, who wished to spend additional time with his family members, but didn’t need to keep music completely behind him. Therefore he embarked on the solo profession, which led to his first full-length single Compact disc, The Changing, in 2001. Fitzsimmons co-produced the disk with previous bandmate Dan Myers and documented it in the wintertime of 2000 at a barn/studio room called Great Springs Plantation in Stillwater, NJ. For the periods, he assembled several his longtime musician close friends, including bassists Brady Rymer and Paul Kuzik, conga participant Carey Harmon, electrical guitarist Jamie Coan, Hammond organist Damien Calcagne, mandolinist John Shekan III, cellist Lori Bach, and violinist Tim Carbone. At age group 39, Fitzsimmons attended to the many adjustments in his personal lifestyle and in lifestyle in general over the disk, but moreover all the music showed a soft, poignant knowledge of how to adjust an optimistic, open up attitude about life’s contingencies. Fitzsimmons uncovered his like for music young in Sparta, NJ, by hearing the vocalist/songwriters from the ’70s, especially Kitty Stevens’ Matthew & Kid, Tea for the Tillerman, and Buddha & the Delicious chocolate Box. He initial performed drums in his youngsters plus they became his principal device in From Great Homes. After his divorce in 1999, he gravitated to electric guitar, because he required an outlet expressing his emotions and your guitar provided him ways to go after his interest on paper music and moreover brought him a feeling of personal fulfillment. On his debut single disk in 2001, Fitzsimmons drew on his primary mentors such as for example James Taylor, Kitty Stevens, Carly Simon, Dan Fogelberg, Gordon Lightfoot, and Don McLean. In his music, Fitzsimmons portrayed his emotions of displacement both in physical form and psychologically in his lifestyle, yet demonstrated he truly acquired arrived house both in heart and in music with the conclusion of The Changing.

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