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Marco Antônio Vilalba, the Passoca, from the initial generations of performers specialized in the renovation from the caipira (geographically and musically varied and diverse affects of hillbilly character) genre, attended structures school, getting influenced by João Gilberto, Chico Buarque and the complete cultural effervescence from the 60’s and 70’s. After acquiring the drums even though taking part in the electrical group Traveling Banana in the 70’s, he opened up for Ednardo and Bendegó and documented his first one in 1978, with “Cão Vadio” and “Sombras” (with Bê), switching for the Brazilian 10-string viola for the reason that period. In the brand new atmosphere he composed “Sonora Garoa” where nostalgic emotions for the united states dialogue with dissonant chords within a neo-caipira placing. In 1998 he released Breve História da Música Caipira, interpreting caipira classics by João Pacífico, Alvarenga e Ranchinho, Raul Torres, Tião Carreiro and Renato Teixeira, along with an unedited melody by Angelino de Oliveira, the “Moda de Botucatu”. Also in 1998 he participated in the series “Violão Brasileiro” (at calling Museum, in Rio de janeiro), and in 2000 he released Passoca Canta Inéditos de Adoniran, with previously unreleased music by Adoniran Barbosa.

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