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Parallel or 90 Degrees was shaped in the entire year 1996 by Andy Tillison Diskdrive and Sam Baine. Those two users form the primary of the group and also have released five albums along with a live video. Their 1st recording was entitled Sanctum/Acoustic Zoom lens and was accompanied by The Part of My Space. Their following release, Afterlifecycle, arrived in 1997 and was both their 1st CD release as well as the 1st launch on Cyclops. The follow-up compared to that was ENOUGH TIME Capsule plus they following released Unbranded — Music From your EEC Surplus.

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Music Songs Petroleum Addicts, Blues for Lear, Unforgiving Skies, Evolutionary Status Quo, Run in Rings, Embalmed in Acid, Fadge, Part One, The Time Capsule, A Man of Thin Air, Promises of Life, Impaled on Railing, Dead on a Carpark Floor, The Media Pirates, Drum One, Four Egos One War, A Body in Free Drift, A Kick in the Teeth, The Heavy Metal Guillotine Approach, One That Sounds Like Tangerine Dream, Shoulder to Shoulder, Gods of Convenience, The Third Person, Samba in E, Afterlifecycle Sequence, The Dock of the Abyss, In the Black Room, Unbranded, An Autopsy in Artificial Light, Space Junk, Aftertimecapsule, The Single, Fast >> Fwd
Albums Afterlifecycle, More Exotic Ways to Die, No More Travelling Chess, Unbranded: Music From the E.E.C. Surplus, Unbranded, Acoustic Lens, Enjoy Your Own Smell, The Great Gig in the Garden, Jitters, A Kick in the Teeth for Civic Pride

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