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Papa George Lightfoot

Thanks to a small number of terrific 1950s edges, the name of Papa Lightfoot was spoken in hushed and reverent shades by 1960s blues aficionados. After that, maker Steve LaVere monitored down the elusive harp get better at in Natchez, slicing an recording for Vault in 1969 that announced towards the globe that Lightfoot was still wailing just like a wildman for the mouth area body organ. Alas, his return was short-lived; he passed away in 1971 of respiratory failing and cardiac arrest. Classes for Peacock in 1949 (unissued), Sultan in 1950, and Aladdin in 1952 preceded an incredible 1954 day for Imperial in New Orleans that created Lightfoot’s “Mean Aged Teach,” “Wines Females Whiskey” (composed of his lone one for the company) and an amazing “Once the Saints Move Marching In.” Lightfoot’s habit of performing through his harp mike additional coarsened his currently rough-hewn vocals, while his harp playing was merely shot through with countless invention. Singles for Savoy in 1955 and Excello another year (the last mentioned billed him as “Ole Sonny Guy”) shut out Lightfoot’s ’50s documenting activities, setting up the stage for his regrettably short return in 1969.

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