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Sketching inspiration from everyone from Black color Sabbath to Voivod to Captain Beefheart, the albums of Swedish avant-metal strap Pan-Thy-Monium had been conceptual pieces centered around tales of “the unfamiliar cult of Raagoonshinaah (the god of emptiness and gloom).” The group released three information, disbanding before the launch of III: Khaooohs and Kon-fus-ion, their just function released in the U.S.

Quick Facts

Full Name Pan.Thy.Monium
Music Songs The Battle of Geeheeb, Jag & vem, Under ytan, Thee-Pherenth, Behrial, Ekkhoeece III, Lömska försåt, Khaoohs I, Utsikt, I vindens våld, In Remembrance, Vvoiiccheeces, I månens sken dog en skugga, Ekkhoeece, Klievieage, Zenotaffph, Dauwhnn, Khaoohs II, Lava, II, I, III, VII, V, VI, [untitled], IV
Albums Khaooohs and Kon-Fus-Ion, Khaooohs, Dawn of Dreams, Dream II, ...Dawn+Dream II, Dawn of Dream / Khaooohs

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