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Palberta certainly are a lo-fi sound rock and roll trio whose playful, unpredictable tunes, which are often around just a few minutes each, recall post-punk organizations like LiLiPUT as well as the Raincoats aswell as the zero wave picture. Anina Ivry-Block, Lily Konigsberg, and Nina Ryser started Palberta while going to Bard College through the early 2010s. All three users switch instruments, furthermore to offering childlike tranquility vocals that frequently abruptly change from smooth crooning to severe shrieking, resembling an art-damaged offspring from the Roches. The trio founded a group of fans through their incessant touring of D.We.Y. locations, and after digitally self-releasing MY MATE Berta in 2013, they quickly captivated the interest of OSR Tapes, house to the likewise eccentric Blanche Blanche Blanche. OSR released MY MATE Berta and Shitheads in the Ditch on cassette in 2014, and Nourishing Tube Information released both on vinyl fabric, furthermore to Unique Worship, Palberta’s break up EP with (New Britain) Patriots. In 2015, Datura Audio released Palberta’s Go on the location tape (documented at Brooklyn location Silent Barn), as well as the Hot within the Seaside tape made an appearance on JMC Aggregate (consequently issued on vinyl fabric by Feeding Pipe). Also, a break up cassette without One as well as the Somebodies entitled Chips for supper premiered by Underdog Pop Information. In Feb of 2017, Palberta’s most ambitious documenting to day, the 20-monitor LP Bye Bye Berta, premiered by Wharf Kitty. The music group was featured as you of Moving Stone’s “10 New Performers You should know” that month.

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