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Paice, Ashton & Lord

The Deep Crimson spin-off project Paice Ashton Lord were formed by ex-Deep Purplers Ian Paice (drums) and Jon Lord (organ) with Tony Ashton, who was simply within the Remo 4 during the Uk Invasion era and in Ashton, Gardner & Dyke (well-known for “Resurrection Shuffle”). If they met up in mid-1976, Deep Crimson had just split up; for the only real Paice Ashton Lord recording, the audio was done by guitarist Bernie Marsden and bassist Paul Martinez. That LP, Malice in Wonderland, had not been nearly as large as Deep Crimson have been, though it still owed very much to mainstream United kingdom hard rock. Nevertheless, there was a good quantity of jazz impact in the preparations (which occasionally included brass) plus some spirit ingredients towards the songwriting. All this didn’t soon add up to any other thing more than the average middle-’70s rock record, the kind you might have noticed as filler on many AOR-oriented FM channels at that time. You didn’t, though, because the record didn’t sell very much, and Paice Ashton Lord disbanded, although they do start focus on another LP. Eight tracks through the unreleased second record appeared in the Compact disc reissue of Malice in Wonderland on Crimson Information in 2001.

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