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Pagode Jazz Sardinha’s Club


Calling this music group unusual may be the least that may be said to explain the sound from the Pagode Jazz Sardinha’s Golf club. Gathering some exceptional instrumental musicians who was simply functioning as sidemen for most of the very most essential performers of MPB and Brazilian instrumental music/jazz, the group creates a skillfully organized, yet extremely peculiar and swinging synthesis of carioca/Bahian grooves (jongo, choro, samba, bossa nova) with jazz and funk through exceptional improvisational function. It’s representative and metaphorical of the very most conspicuous quality of Brazilian tradition, and perhaps why is it so innovative: the indiscriminate acquiring of the very most varied transnational affects for the invention of one style. The music group was created in 1997 by Lula Galvão, Eduardo Neves, Xande Figueiredo, Roberto Marques, Rodrigo Lessa Edson Menezes, and Marcos Esguleba. The name of the group will pay tribute to a location of marvelous multiculturalism — the Beco das Sardinhas (Sardines’ Alley) in Rio — lengthy a gathering place for intellectuals, Bohemians, journalists, performers, and idles. Their Compact disc, Pagode Jazz Sardinha’s Golf club, premiered in 1999 and praised by critics and music artists alike. Their 1st show is at 1997 in the Espaço Cultural Sérgio Porto. In the Sesc/Pompéia (São Paulo) in July 2000, the group experienced Johnny Alf as unique visitor. That same 12 months, the band experienced an entire system focused on them on Darmstad Radio (Darmstad, Germany). In 2001, the group also caused Elza Soares in Campo Grande (Rio de Janeiro).

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Music Songs Chorinho de Gafieira, Transmestiço, Pagode Jazz Sardinha's Club, Salsixe, Não Sou Mais Disso / Faixa Amarela / O Feijão de Dona Neném, À Queima Roupa, Clube Savana, Olhos d'Além-Mar, Maxixe, Neném, Carinhoso, India / Branca, O Dia em Que Ela Chegou, Chave de Cadeia, Na Glória, Joana Francesa, Gente de Ilha, Choro Transgênico, José do Egito, Luz Negra, Suíngue Envolvente, Samba Castiço, Maxixe Paizinho, Pt. 2, Fertilidade, A História De Um Valente, El Suinguer, Criola, Reggae Por Nós, Jongo Aliança, Baixo Ventre, Olha a Pretinha, Machucando o Jiló, Maxixe Paizinho!!!
Albums Cidade Mestiça, Sardinhas, Pagode Jazz Sardinha's Club

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