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While Dominique Durand and Andy Chase were setting the finishing details on Ivy’s third album, LONG-DISTANCE, and preparing themselves for parenthood, they launched Paco with composer Michael Hampton and engineer Gary Maurer. Hampton, a previous Dischord D.C. punk, have been carrying out his own rating and soundtrack function, while Maurer acquired constructed albums by famous brands Hem, GrooveLily, and Ivy’s sister music group, Fountains of Wayne. The second option also frequented exactly the same NEW YORK neighborhoods as Ivy, therefore bumping into each other was natural. Run after was on his method to his Stratosphere Studio room 1 day in early 2001 when he noticed this magnificent audio from the window. It had been Hampton and Maurer. Following that, a style was solid: Chase’s teenage adoration for the brand new romantic era somewhat filtered with the influential digital tweaking from Maurer and Hampton. Durand’s ’60s pop-flavored vocals added a lively flair unlike Ivy’s icy awesome sophistication. Durand, who was simply pregnant with her and Chase’s 1st child once the project had become, got the band’s name from a years as a child crush, an architect friend of her parents called Paco. It had been also suspected that their 1st unborn was to be always a boy, therefore they nicknamed him Paco. Durand and Run after finished up having a woman plus they couldn’t perhaps christen her with this kind of name, therefore they provided it towards the music group rather. Paco’s moody pop surprise was underway along with a self-titled, self-released EP was silently released before 2001 found an in depth. Ivy released the all-covers record Guestroom the next calendar year, but Paco was still important. The quirky pop foursome collected ten music for what will be their debut record. THAT’S WHERE We Live, released on Chase’s Unfiltered label, made an appearance in-may 2004.

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