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b. c.1968. Hackney, London, Britain. Overlord X is normally a Brit-rapper who initial appeared on Music Of Lifestyle’s Hard As Hell compilation. Nevertheless, he produced his name using the verve of two exceptional albums for Isle Records, that have been particularly effective in Europe. Certainly, X Versus The Globe proceeded to go platinum in France, rendering it typically the most popular hardcore hip-hop recording in that place. Although not instantly recognizable as hardcore in the musical feeling, there continued to be a lyrical exactitude that defied bargain. The impact of Public Foe and Chuck D. , specifically, is definitely self-evident, notably on slashes like ‘Prologue 1990’, which presented a sample from the previous’s ‘Bring The Sound’. Nevertheless, Overlord had short amount of time for N.W.A.’s ghetto-romanticism: ‘Trying to state we’re niggers, who the fuck are you? Via this sibling with an attitude’ (‘You Can’t GET IT DONE In London’). An alliance with ragga celebrities Midrange and Kandy on X Versus The Globe proved his variety. He also created their recordings within the X-Posse, and started focus on his personal film and a documentary about Hackney. Maybe Overlord X’s impact in the moderate of television has already established the greatest effect, nevertheless. Terry Jarvis, a well-known BBC maker, aimed the promo clip, ‘14 Times In Might’, by which Janet Road Porter commissioned him to supply continuity links between parts of Def II. He consequently became producer for your show for 1 . 5 years, before offering the title-song and music for sitcom THE TRUE McCoy. Nevertheless, a 1992 documenting agreement with Jarvis was much less effective. His imprint, RIGHT DOWN TO Jam, was financed by Motown Information, but its life time was truncated by monetary factors. Overlord X, no more utilizing that name, regrouped in 1994 within Benz.

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