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Os Cinco Crioulos

Despite its short life, the samba group Os Cinco Crioulos is inscribed amidst the must-have gallery from the genre. Produced by associates of the group A Voz perform Morro and the main one arranged for the renowned present Rosa de Ouro, Operating-system Cinco Crioulos acquired the fantastic Mauro “Bolacha” Duarte replace Paulinho da Viola. The various other members had been Anescar perform Salgueiro, Jair perform Cavaquinho, Nelson Sargento, and Elton Medeiros. The to begin the three albums documented for Odeon emerged in 1967, Samba… No Duro, with originals, the traditional “Pelo Telefone” (Donga/Mauro de Almeida), sambas by various other essential composers, and sambas-enredo. Samba… No Duro, Vol. 2 premiered within the next calendar year and in 1969, Operating-system Cinco Crioulos. The group collected once again in 1990 (without Mauro Duarte, who passed away in 1989), specifically for a Television Cultura particular (Ensaio) focused on Paulinho da Viola. A compilation from the three albums premiered in the Raízes perform Samba series (2000).

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