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Oriental Brothers

Probably one of the most successful rings in Nigeria through the 1970s, the Oriental Brothers have got continued to record while a number of splintered off rings. These possess included Dr. Sir Warrior & His Oriental Brothers International, Prince Ichita & the fantastic Oriental Brothers International Music group, as well as the Oriental Brothers International. Whilst every of these organizations had their specific sound, they distributed the initial band’s enthusiasm for mixing Congolese guitar selecting and traditional Igbo rhythms. At the same time of great struggle because of the Biafran Battle, the Oriental Brothers provided a uncommon light of wish. Relating to Nigerian journal Kwenu, the Oriental Brothers performed an essential spiritual part in keeping many Ndiigbo sane. These were the satisfaction of the people traumatized with a battle so vicious. The initial Oriental Brothers had been shaped by Godwin Kabaka Opara along with his brothers Ferdinand Dan Satch Emeka Opara, Christogonous Ezebuiro “Warrior” Obinna, and Kabaka Opara, along with Nathaniel “Mangala” Ejiogu, Hybrilious Dkwilla’ Alaraibe, and Prince Ichita. Ejiogu passed away shortly prior to the band’s achievement. The first break up inside the group happened in 1977 when founding associates F. Dan Satch Opara and Prince Ichita still left to start out their own rings beneath the Oriental Brothers moniker. While Opara’s group documented six albums between 1977 and 1984, Ichita’s music group, featuring primary Oriental Brothers member Hybrilious “Akwilla” Alaraibe, documented two albums before Ichita’s loss of life in the first ’80s. Akwilla continued to become listed on Dr. Sir Warrior’s group, staying until Warrior’s loss of life in 1999. The three Opara brothers reunited to record two albums: Anyi Abiala Ozo in 1987 and Oriental Ge Ebi in 1996.

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