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Orgone Box

Hailing from Sheffield, Britain, the Orgone Package is actually a one-man music group, led by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rick Corcoran, who was simply previously an associate of an clothing known as Orange (who also scored a average sized UK strike in 1994, using the monitor ‘Judy On the Rainbow’). When the music group dissolved soon thereafter, Corcoran started writing songs by himself, with a portable eight-track recorder (while providing the vocals and acoustic guitar himself, a drum machine held the defeat). Acquiring the name Orgone Package (used from a tool developed by psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich), an obscure self-titled Compact disc followed prior to the UK’s Minus No Records label authorized Corcoran to a documenting agreement. Two critically acclaimed however commercially ignored produces soon adopted, 2001’s Orgone Package and 2002’s compilation Items That Happened After that. The music press heaped compliment upon Corcoran, evaluating his succinct psychedelic pop tunes to the task of renowned performers like the Byrds, early Red Floyd as well as the Beatles.

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