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b. Thomas Knak, 7 Feb 1973, Glostrup, Copenhagen, Denmark. Juxtaposing skittering micro-beats and minimal melodies, Opiate creates gorgeous music. On his 1999 debut Items For A PERFECT House, he echoed Brian Eno’s unique conception of ambient as basically ‘environmental music’, to generate an album particularly devised and designed for house listening even though musician says how the ‘house’ isn’t always ‘your three bedroom toned’ but could be ‘your body, the human brain, your mental space or anywhere you decide to feel at house’. Opiate will not make use of keyboards or drum devices and says that eighty percent of his noises are ‘from lifestyle objects – such as for example scissors – via a mike’. Knak procedures these ‘examples from other resources’ through his Macintosh pc. Although intricately created, with an severe attention to fine detail, Knak offers dubbed his recordings ‘spatial music’. That’s, he intentionally eschews excessive levels, melody lines and results, instead departing space for the listener. The Copenhagen-based musician fulfils this goal with elegance and beauty, producing music having a beguiling appeal along with a peculiar clearness. ‘This can be music, ’ recognized BBCi’s Olli Siebelt, ‘that reminds me of nursery rhymes performed at fifty percent their acceleration.’ Knak’s recordings possess a appreciated naïveterinariané: about ‘Quick SAVE WELL ON A Weekend’, a uncommon vocal test interrupts Opiate’s clicky beats having a delightfully un-rock ‘n’ move exclamation ‘Toothpaste!’ (Additional vocal samples are the repeated solitary phrases ‘People’, ‘Welcome’ as well as the gurgling of small kids). Knak offers notably collaborated with Björk, adding to two paths on her behalf Vespertine. The by-products of the liaison had been ‘Undo’ and ‘Cocoon’, two fairly songs centered around Knak’s introverted micro-beats. The initial blueprint for the second option are available on WHEN YOU Had been Sleeping, a compilation of uncommon and hard-to-find produces. Knak has created industrial music for tv, radio and business, operates the Hobby Sectors imprint, information under his very own name so when Gloria Hirsch, and it is an associate of Adam Bong, Upcoming 3 and Program. He provides released music on brands including City Center Offices, Morr Music, Vertical Type, Raster Noton and Apr and it has remixed illuminati such as for example Björk, Bomb The Bass, Piano Magic, Tied And Tickled Trio, Lali Puna, and Carsten Nicolai. (NB: Never to end up being baffled with the Carlisle, England-based rock music group of the same name.)

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