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A lot of distinguishing features separate OOIOO through the herd. First, you can point out the fluorescent body color they put on on-stage. Or simply the demographics of the lineup: four Japanese ladies. Or their music, a furious amalgam of rhythmic guitars, patternless vocals, and enthusiastic results. The frontwoman of the group may be the irrepressible Yoshimi P-We, the talented and multifaceted percussionist through the Boredoms. With this incarnation, she sings and has guitar, however, not in the manner John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, as well as Kim Gordon would. Her function within the group is really as the primary energizer, the road light around that your other moth-like sounds revolve, flutter, bump, and discover themselves redirected within a million various ways. It’s hard to spell it out “their audio,” because — by style — it seldom follows constant patterns. Suffice to state they’re perhaps one of the most powerful bands over the underground circuit — not really in the manner a mid-level purchasing movie director would be referred to as powerful, but in just how a ballistic missile would. They’re bursting forth with enthusiasm and vivacity in the manner few human beings, in few artwork forms, can. Plus, they’re fun using a capital PH. Their self-titled debut record was released within the U.S. by Eliminate Rock Superstars in 1998; their following albums, Feather Float and Kila Kila Kila, had been issued in the us by Birdman Information.Silver and Green premiered domestically in the us by Excitement Jockey in 2005. Issued in 2006, Taiga, this means “big river” in Japanese and “forest” in Russian, was, aptly more than enough, inspired naturally. OOEYEOO, an record of remixes by Boredoms mastermind Eyes, arrived in springtime 2007. Exactly the same lineup that documented Taiga — Yoshimi, guitarist Kayan, bassist Aya, and drummer Ai — regrouped for 2009’s Armonico Hewa, whose name was a variety of Spanish and Swahili phrases meaning “surroundings within a harmonious condition.” Their following studio outing seems in 2014 with Gamel, an record loosely motivated by Javanese gamelan music.

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