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Ollie Jones

Mixed into one oversized risk of a songwriter, some might contact it a “du-ollie-ity,” Ollie Jones published adorable pop songs for Perry Como but years later on choked out game titles such as for example “Impaled” and “Murder at heart,” not forgetting the feared and presumably messy “Bathroom Autopsy.” In most cases, the songwriting phenomena of Ollie Jones should be analyzed in plural. The man with origins in early-’50s doo wop as well as the person in a music group whose name itself is really a Desecration will vary people, from different decades and, as founded, representing different factors of view. The bigger, although less surprising, songwriting catalog is one of the previous Ollie Jones. His 1st professional stirrings had been within the Blenders, the combo frothing up from the even more daring users of a fresh York chapel choir in the past due ’40s. Jones was referred to as the group’s head and was also associated with other vocal sets of the period, like the Ravens as well as the Four Records. On recordings, the group started establishing a popularity after putting your signature on with Coral. This subsidiary of Decca acquired a generally deserved reputation to be oh-so-hep with R&B. Jones and bandmates, including Abel DeCosta, continuing documenting for the last mentioned company and MGM in to the early ’50s, after that became aligned with manufacturer Joe Davis, at that time a recording sector veteran. The Blenders had been part of an average Davis ruse, supposedly documenting under various other group names also after the real band had split up. Jones and DeCosta began a fresh ensemble, the Cues, and originally designed the task as an in-house associated device for R&B documenting superstars. Such performers instantly saw the worthiness of such a project, otherwise swearing allegiance to its selected name. Because the group visited work it had been known under a number of other monikers, based on who was in control: the Tempo Manufacturers, the Ivory Shades, etc. Efforts to rating a hit with out a frontman so when the Cues had been in vain, however the group continuing to are a background device. Publishing will need to have become more rewarding compared to the weary street, Jones and co-writers such as for example Tommy Smith creating a series of music that lots of pop vocalists sensed worth covering. “Tiger” roared in to the worldwide strike jungle; the Latin version was “Un Tigre.” “Send for me personally” continues to be among Jones’ most documented works, suggesting which the song’s title functions as some type of automated command when examine by a maker. Enthusiasts of Elvis Presley may understand of Jones as an writer of “Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers.”

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