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Ollie Jones

Anyone monitoring the subtle, suggestive power of the song title should make special take note of the vocalist and songwriter named Ollie Jones, from the group Desecration. While still youthful in years, Jones has recently were able to publish “Stillborn Climax,” “Impaled,” “Crave for Rot,” “Cerebral Annoxia,” and “Bathroom Autopsy.” On some cosmic level this must balance the task of a youthful Ollie Jones, which there is absolutely no connection or connection, collaborator on strikes through the lighter many years of ’50s and ’60s pop, chronicling the sanitized amusements of this era: “Model Young lady,” “Blast Off,” “Like Makes the Globe Go Circular,” “Label That Twistin’.” Desecration, the music group and not the idea, date back again to 1992 as well as the inviting city of Newport, Wales. Jones and bandmates had been well liked within this community, as could be gleaned from the actual fact that the authorities just raided his home once and had been kind more than enough to keep behind recorded materials ideal for a demonstration release. Recorded records received an up grade circa 1998, the Murder at heart concept recording on Copro as well as the addition of some fresh guitar manglers. Someplace in the brand new millennium Jones cut off the bond to Desecration and only Amputated UK when the second option combo required another guitarist. Frequently credited just like vocalist, Jones shows dexterity when confronted with whatever need can be chronic in a ensemble. Through the ’90s progression of Desecration he turned to drums on the flick of the wrist when the positioning was open up, a move usual to garage rock and roll aswell as punk but non-etheless considered a genuine desecration by professional drummers, also within the framework of the band called Desecration. Recently Jones has became a member of Extreme Sound Terror.

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