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Okey Dokey Stompers

British blues music group the Okey Dokey Stompers were shaped in Dagenham, Essex, England, in Sept 1992 from your ashes from the Corn Meat Town Blues Band as well as the Impossibles. Composed of Stevie ‘Youthful Blood’ Make (lead acoustic guitar), ‘Auto’ Nick Nichols (vocals, harp), Gary ‘Reverend Coco’ Choules (bass), Johnny ‘Young man’ (keyboards) and ‘Marky’ Tag Ward (drums), users had also used component in gigging rings such as for example Big Joe Louis, the Hoods and Night time Prowler. Of the previous incarnations, the Impossibles gained the best notoriety, as finalists in the very best Of English Blues competition sponsored by Banking institutions Brewery in 1990/1. As the Okey Dokey Stompers the music group performed a shattering 400 gigs within their first 2 yrs, with a audio located somewhere within Texas and western coast tempo and blues. A solid following for his or her energetic concert events resulted in the recording of the debut Compact disc, Dangerman Blues, that was distributed by Warm Shot Records.

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