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Oi Polloi

This Scottish punk band were formed in Edinburgh in the first 80s, immediately gaining a reputation within both anarchist and skinhead movements (their name, a lot more than their actual music or attitudes, allied these to the nascent Oi! picture gathering speed in Britain). Although likewise influenced with the soccer terrace chanting visual displayed by rings such as for example Sham 69 as well as the Cockney Rejects, Oi Polloi quickly demonstrated themselves to become more deft both with regards to song structure and ideology compared to the Oi! rings. Acutely socially conscious, emphasizing a solid anti-racist, anti-homophobic, pro-environmental position, their only continuous member through five albums of searing protest was Deek Allan (vocals). By 1990’s grim manifesto, In Defence OF OUR OWN Earth, that they had transferred to the WOW Information label, also the house of Blaggers ITA. This is probably their most powerful release, gaining deserved respect in the anarchist/hardcore fraternity plus some grudging testimonials from a mainstream mass media who had successfully ignored the music group up up to now.

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