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Octavio Pinto

Brazilian composer Octavio Pinto could very well be better remembered as the husband, from 1922 about, of the amazing and popular Brazilian pianist Guiomar Novaes. Pinto was actually not really a musician by trade, but in fact an architect having a flourishing business throughout Brazil. He do manage, nevertheless, to get some good piano lessons from your well-known Hungarian pianist Isidore Philipp (instructor also of Pinto’s wife when she was in the Paris Conservatoire) as a guy, and he released a relatively stable blast of music — personality and show items for single piano — until he passed away in 1950. Pinto’s most often-played little bit of music is definitely one created for and produced popular by his wife: Child years Remembrances (Scenas infantis, from 1932). Well-known in South American musical circles actually before marrying among that continent’s very best virtuosi, Pinto was a good friend of Heitor Villa-Lobos. The oft-made state, nevertheless, that Villa-Lobos made up his piano function Próle de bébé, Publication 1 honoring Pinto and Novaes’ two kids (child Anna Maria and child Luis Octavio) is definitely a dubious and untidy one: Villa-Lobos made up Próle de bébé in 1918, many years prior to the two wedded and had kids.

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