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Nunzio Rotondo

b. 1924, Palestrina, Italy. A gifted kid, Rotondo researched music, 1st playing piano, after that trumpet. In the past due 40s he was head of a little jazz group and in those years and in to the early 50s frequently supported going to American jazzmen including Louis Armstrong. He also used Costs Coleman, Roy Eldridge among others in the jazz mainstream, but by the first 50s he was acquiring heed of bop, leading and co-leading many boppish rings in firm with fellow nationals such as for example Gil Cuppini and Romano Mussolini. Through the 60s he was energetic numerous forward-thinking musicians, included in this Albert Mangelsdorff, Gato Barbieri and Mal Waldron. In the first 70s he was co-leader of the music group with Franco D’Andrea. Over time outside music he resumed executing in the first 80s. A lyrical participant with a solid melodic feeling, Rotondo also composes within a contemporary style.

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