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Nu Pagadi were a short-lived German pop/rock and roll group that lasted barely very long enough to take pleasure from a chart-topping solitary (“Sweetest Poison,” 2004) and recording (Your Dark Part, 2005). The bandmembers (Pat Boinet, Kris Dörfer, Markus Grimm, Doreen Steinert) referred to themselves like a “glam rock and roll” outfit; nevertheless, their music was essentially pop decked out with industrial metallic signifiers, and their standard style appearance — plenty of make-up, even on the people, and almost specifically black clothes — was by far even more goth than glam. On the other hand, Nu Pagadi had been the product from the international Television show Popstars (the 4th season, to become precise), therefore their relatively confusingly manufactured feeling of identification was to be likely. Nu Pagadi started being a quartet in November 2004 and topped the German singles graph using their debut one, “Sweetest Poison,” that was released in Dec. A full-length record, Your Dark Aspect, followed quickly thereafter (January 3, 2005) and in addition hit number 1. Your Dark Aspect is notable for the couple factors: it’s sung completely in British, including a cover of Billy Idol’s “Flesh for Illusion,” and it has a provocative cover, offering all four from the youthful bandmembers lying jointly entirely nude. The erotic component was undoubtedly an integral one for Nu Pagadi, especially for Steinert and Dörfer. Both extremely attractive youthful women — high and well developed, sassy and sexy — instantly embarked on single careers following the dissolution of Nu Pagadi. Billing herself basically as Doreen, Steinert released the maxi-CD Ich Bin Meine Eigene Frau in Oct 2006 — that’s, three weeks after Dörfer got released a maxi-CD of her very own, Room to get more, billing herself as Kris. Both females deserted the faux-goth steel of Nu Pagadi and only a spunkier, even more fun-spirited design of music and style that accentuated their physical elegance.

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