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Norbert Burgmüller

Norbert Burgmuller was the kid of Johann August Franz. He, like his dad, was a German composer but also a pianist. He examined with Hauptmann and Spohr — his dad didn’t balk at sending him to review; Johann’s father attemptedto quench his son’s musical and theatrical wishes. Like Schubert, he previously no open public acclaim or market but had several friends who had been artists from a number of styles including Mendelssohn. At age 26 Norbert still left several signs that he might have been among Germany’s great composers. A interest and capability to contend with comprehensive arrangements had been implied in his “Rhapsody for piano in B-mol,” “Overture in D-dur,” as well as the “Piano Concerto in F#-mol”. Norbert Burgmuller also constructed two symphonies which the second continued to be unfinished.

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