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Uncovered by Third Bass’ MC Serch, through the heyday of Crazy Pitch Reports, Non-Phixion quickly generated a whole lot of buzz — and experienced several labeling — before their long-awaited debut was finally released. Made up of MCs Sick Expenses, Goretex Medinah, and Sabac Crimson, alongside DJ Eclipse, Non-Phixion combined visual, unsettling lyrics over filthy, gritty beats — frequently composed by Sick Bill’s sibling, the a lot more questionable Necro. After shedding their debut solitary, “Legacy,” on Extra fat Beats, Non-Phixion was quickly snatched up by Geffen. The incendiary content material of tracks like “I Shot Reagan” might have been a bit very much for the main label in 1998, as well as the group quickly moved to the greater 3rd party Matador. Non-Phixion’s THE NEAR FUTURE IS CURRENTLY was basically full and the recording was hotly expected by this aspect. After launching the Dark Helicopters 12″, though, Non-Phixion abruptly still left Matador. The hype across the band continuing to develop as Non-Phixion released even more singles and many collaborations, often concerning Necro and his emergent Psycho+Logical-Records. Finally, in 2001, Non-Phixion arrived at Warner Bros. and THE NEAR FUTURE Is Now made an appearance set for discharge. That had not been to be, nevertheless; for reasons uknown, the discharge was delayed so when it did get to the springtime of 2002, it had been on Uncle Howie Information.

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