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The Tokyo visual kei act NoGod was formed in March 2005 by vocalist Danchou and guitarist Aki, former members from the band Dagger Remain. For another seven weeks the group rehearsed in personal, undergoing many lineup adjustments until guitarist Kyrie, bassist Karin, and drummer K became the additional permanent users. They performed their 1st gig in Oct of that 12 months, then toured greatly, self-releasing some demonstration singles that quickly sold out. Ultimately they authorized to indie label Artwork Pop, liberating a mini-album and many even more singles. In Apr 2008, soon after Aki experienced left the music group to be changed by Shinno, their 1st recording Mugenkyou (“Desire Teachings”) premiered. Originally called Shinkou Shuukyou Gakudan NoGod, japan part which means “THE BRAND NEW Religion Music group”, they oxymoronically designed themselves as some sort of atheist cult, phoning their followers “believers” and their gigs and produces “propagations”. Nothing within their lyrics is specially anti-religious, however, which means this appears primarily to be always a gimmick. If they signed a significant label deal in ’09 2009, they fallen the Japanese terms using their name; most followers experienced described them right away just as NoGod anyhow. Most visual rings frequently switch their “appear,” even though the other users do that, Danchou’s has continued to be since the launch of its 1st recording essentially continuous, albeit with tweaks and adjustments every once in awhile. Described by some as searching such as a clown, in reality he resembles nothing at all so much being a gigantic ragdoll, filled with “sewn-on” key eye. This stunning image, coupled with his theatrical high tenor, make him the center point of the music group. Despite clownish appears and sometimes self-mocking lyrics (which were recognized to poke fun at the complete visible genre), the music group contains a few of the most officially gifted players in the complete picture. The music can greatest certainly be a cross between your power and technicality of traditional Western european heavy metal as well as the melodic immediacy of pop. The music frequently contain an surroundings of natural melancholy, and a couple of flourishes of modern genres such as for example metalcore, specifically in the creation style. Perhaps as a result of this steel component, the group provides more male supporters in its indigenous Japan than is certainly usual for visible kei, as well as the music attracts supporters of other visible symphonic steel bands such as for example Versailles and D. The group was voted No. 8 out of 50 of “most appealing newcomer” bands within a 2008 poll of Western european J-Rock supporters — before an email of its music have been released beyond Japan — as well as the 2007 one “Atria” is organized by many supporters among the ideal visible kei singles ever. After its second record Gokusaishiki (Richly Coloured) as well as the mini-album Rashinban (Compass), in past due 2009 it agreed upon a major-label cope with Ruler Information. After a best-of compilation of music from its indie period, in August 2010 it released the third record Kakera (Fragments), that was also released in European countries with the German label CLJ.

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