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Nikola Sarcevic


Scandinavian vocalist Nikola Sarcevic is most beneficial known for his are the lead singer of Millencolin, a Swedish punk/substitute rock-band that commanded a faithful subsequent in Europe and america within the ’90s and 2000s. Sarcevic’s a long time with Millencolin possess gained the Swede a status to be a noisy, forceful, brash, and incredibly extroverted kind of designer; however, a more introspective and delicate part of Sarcevic surfaced after he released a single career in the first 2000s. As Millencolin’s frontman, Sarcevic continues to be influenced from the amplified, in-your-face hostility of bands which range from the Clash to NOFX as well as the Descendants, but as a single designer, Sarcevic has preferred even more of a vocalist/songwriter aesthetic. Focusing on folk-rock and adult alternate, Sarcevic the single designer has invited evaluations to John Mayer, Ben Folds Five, Keeping track of Crows, as well as the Gin Blossoms instead of Dick Sparrer, the Group Jerks, or Sham 69. Sarcevic (that has performed electrical bass with Millencolin and acoustic guitar on a few of his single recordings) began to create a name for himself in Nordic rock and roll circles in the past due ’80s, when he co-founded Millencolin’s unique three-man lineup with guitarists Erik Ohlsson and Mathias Färm in ?-rebro, Sweden; Millencolin officially became a quartet when Fredrik Larzon was employed because the band’s full-time drummer in 1993. Initially, Millencolin was a Swedish-language group, but over time, Sarcevic and his co-workers began composing in British. In Sweden, some performers create in Swedish specifically and focus on the Scandinavian marketplace; many others, nevertheless, choose to broaden their charm by performing mainly or completely in British — and by producing the changeover to British lyrics, Millencolin was following a business lead of countless Swedish performers who got ranged from satanic loss of life metal, black metallic, and grindcore rings to ABBA-obsessed bubblegum Europopsters to Ella Fitzgerald-influenced jazz vocalists. By enough time Millencolin’s 1st album, Life on the Plate, premiered in Sweden on Burning up Heart Information in 1995, that they had obtained an enthusiastic pursuing within the Nordic countries — and once they signed using the Los Angeles-based Epitaph label, the Swedes became ever more popular in america. From the springtime of 2001, Epitaph acquired distributed five Millencolin albums in THE UNITED STATES. Around 2003, Sarcevic determined: he’d launch a single career privately while carrying on to serve as Millencolin’s business lead vocalist/frontman — a casino game program that Epitaph was certainly more comfortable with. The world-weary Lock-Sport-Krock, Sarcevic’s initial single effort, premiered on Burning Center/Epitaph in July 2004 — and far towards the shock of his longtime supporters, the record was a complete departure from anything he previously finished with Millencolin. No-one expected Sarcevic, of most people, to branch out into folk-rock and adult choice territory and produce this introspective, reflective Compact disc. Nonetheless, Sarcevic continuing to execute live with Millencolin, along with a 6th album with this band, Kingwood, premiered on Burning Center/Epitaph in Apr 2005. His sophomore single effort, Roll Move and Flee, was released the following yr in European countries via Burning Center; a UNITED STATES release was postponed when Epitaph select not to select the record up.

Quick Facts

Full Name Nikola Sarcevic
Profession Singer, Songwriter, Bassist
Nationality Swedish
Siblings Miodrag Šarčević
Music Groups Millencolin
Music Songs Vila Rada, Nobody Without You, My Aim Is You, You Make My World Go Around, Lovetrap, Goodbye I Die, Glue Girl, New Fool, Love Is Trouble, Tappa tempo, Lock-Sport-Krock, Utan dig, Mitt Örebro, Soul for Sale, Upp på Tybble Torg, Drunk No More, Hemstad, Sämre lögnare, Roll Roll and Flee
Albums Lock-Sport-Krock, Roll Roll and Flee, Nikola & Fattiglapparna, Pennybridge Pioneers, Life on a Plate, Same Old Tunes, Machine 15, For Monkeys, True Brew, The Melancholy Collection, Freedom to Roam

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