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Nicolai Dunger

The storyplot goes that Nicolai Dunger was discovered singing and playing guitar on his balcony in Piteå, Sweden. However the representative for Telegram who agreed upon him was most likely not very happy using the experimental music that surfaced from the expected singer/songwriter as well as the record Music Wearing Clothing, which few folks have found out about. But Dunger certainly had a whole lot of talent and was presented with another try using the record Eventide, documented alongside the string quartet Tämmelkvartetten. This record sold even significantly less than the 1,500 copies of the prior record, and Dunger, who today resided in Stockholm, gained his living being a gardener. Playing at Hultfredsfestivalen, he fulfilled Ebbot Lundberg in the Soundtrack in our Lives plus they made a decision to make an record jointly. In 1998, they documented the EP Initial Born Track, that was just released being a promo, and another year they documented This Cloud Is certainly Learning together within the Soundtrack in our Lives’ studio room, White Noise. This is Dunger’s most available record up to now, but was still rather experimental. Most likely due to the collaboration using the even more well-known Lundberg, this record got a lot more attention compared to the previously ones, as well as the reactions had been favorable. And although it didn’t sell well, it marketed slightly even more in France and Britain, and Dunger continued a tour towards the Continent, support Emiliana Torrini. In the mean time, Dunger’s record organization agreed to allow an oil organization use one of is own songs inside a commercial. And even though, upon his come back from touring, Dunger indicated disapproval concerning this change of occasions, he used the amount of money to record Blind Blemished Blues, the very first recording in a well planned vinyl fabric trilogy, documented as well as Esbjörn Svensson’s jazz trio. This recording was a go back to the greater experimental, as well as the 500 LPs which were pressed could just become bought from a little online store. Quickly afterwards, he documented the next LP within the trilogy, this time around as well as trumpet participant Goran Kajfes as well as the artwork percussionist ensemble Kroumata, but he made a decision to wait release a it. While still devoid of a lot of an target audience in Sweden, his eccentric method of dodging a discovery by releasing unpredicted albums, his rural elegance, as well as the curiosity demonstrated in him by Will Oldham and Jonathan Donahue — not forgetting his obvious skill — granted him continuing attention from your music press. Probably the most unpredicted factor he could perform right now was release a an “easy” recording, which was what he do with Soul Hurry in 2001. Once again being supported by the Esbjörn Svensson Trio, Dunger offered a variety of soulful horns and nation guitars, never unlike an early on Vehicle Morrison. And without having to be a great industrial success, this recording sold a lot more copies compared to the earlier types. Tranquil Isolation, a more elaborate eyesight of Americana which was documented in Kentucky, made an appearance on Overcoat Information in 2003, accompanied by the improbably called Here’s My Music YOU COULD HAVE It…We Don’t WANT TO BUY Anymore/Yours 4-Ever on Common International in 2004.In 2006 Dunger released Nicollide & The Carmic Retrebution, accompanied by Rosten Och Herren in 2007.

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