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Artist/manufacturer Nico may be the creation mind behind Zero U-Turn Information and NUT sub-label Nu Dark, whose produces by Ed Hurry, DJ Track, Spidernet, and under Nico’s own name have already been closely from the regular darkening of jump-up and techstep-style jungle. Although specifically Ed Rush has found wider publicity through his association with Emotif, Grooverider’s Prototype imprint, and intensifying mainstay Metalheadz, both Nico no U-Turn (aswell as sub-labels Saigon and Nu Dark) possess benefited from your rise in recognition. Although songs out under his personal name are few (he prefers to function in mixture), his function behind the planks executive such anthems as “Bloodclot Artattack,” “Guncheck,” and “Mothership,” aswell as many of the songs on Emotif’s lauded Techsteppin’ compilation (a lot of, in fact, it listens nearly just like a NUT best-of!) collection him being among the most essential and important jungle producers from the mid-’90s. Ahead of his function in the jungle picture, Nico worked well in even more middle-of-the-road executive and creation; he didn’t hear jungle until Ed Hurry — who resided simply down the stop — arrived at his studio room having a few information. At first switched off from the brashness from the audio, Nico roped in Hurry after an modification period and started producing songs out of his house studio room. After a string of mainly forgettable produces, the pair released their initial record on Nico’s recently shaped No U-Turn label. Entitled “Bloodclot Artattack,” the track’s taut, intense drums and monster basslines discovered a little but committed viewers among those tiring of jungle’s jazzier, even more atmospheric switch (c/o of Bukem, Alex Reece, Springtime Heel Jack port, et. al.). Carrying out a string of reasonably received twelves by Hurry, Spidernet (Pete Parsons of DeeJay and Lucky Spin), and DJ Track, aswell as the discharge of Techsteppin’ on Emotif, Nico shaped the Nu Dark label as an test. The label problems no dubplates or white brands — signatures from the high turnover picture — and its own releases are delivered in plain dark sleeves with only a little sticker indicating the musician and release amount. The initial three releases over the label — “Mothership,” “Input,” and “Amtrak” — delivered even more copies than any prior NUT release, and so are broadly acknowledged with jungle’s go back to the darkside.

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