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Neidhart von Reuental

This German Minnesinger served in the court of Duke Otto II of Bavaria, either Leopold of Austria or Friedrich II, and with Bishop Eberhard of Salzburg. From 1232 he was completely patronized by Duke Friedrich der Streitbare when he resolved in Melk. You can find sixty eight extant poems that may be related to Neidhart and many of the melodies survive aswell. He made up seasonal songs, summer season and winter, where an introduction identifies the particular season. Within this content of the poems are biographical sketches aswell which have no relevance towards the poetry. Neidhart clarified and craftsman-like usage of the strophic forms and parodied components. Breaking through the formal vocabulary from the poetry from the courtroom, Neidhart utilized common with time crude vocabulary to emphasize a specific feeling, feelings or explanation. He was an excellent improviser of verse especially beyond the courtly vernacular. Musically Neidhart’s rhythms had been directly connected with dances as well as the music begun to influence the way the vocabulary was shipped. His influence could be known through the many imitations of his musical compositions.

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