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Near the Parenthesis

San Francisco-based musician Tim Arndt makes warm, emotive digital music beneath the name Close to the Parenthesis. His reflective, expressive melodies, generally developed by pianos or guitars, tend to be underpinned by greatly complete beats and glitches, in addition to field recordings and sampled voices. His music impressively achieves a duality between rest and excitement, managing comforting atmosphere with wistful melodies and complex production. Arndt started Close to the Parenthesis in 2005 after spending many years playing in a variety of rock organizations. His debut recording, Go Out and find out, premiered in 2006 by Canadian label Music Created by People, and it received acclaim from magazines such as for example XLR8R as well as the Wire. A restricted EP titled Become Still adopted on Japanese label Duotone Information, and Close to the Parenthesis was quickly authorized by Mike Cadoo’s n5MD, a label with a thorough catalog of likewise lush, cerebral ambient music and IDM. 2007’s Of Soft Building was Close to the Parenthesis’ debut for the label, accompanied by 2008’s L’Eixample, an recording influenced by modernist structures in Barcelona. The recording placed even more of an focus on shimmering piano melodies and much less concentrate on glitchy beats than his earlier releases. In ’09 2009, Arndt collaborated with Medard Fischer (aka n5MD labelmate Arc Laboratory) for any side project known as Down Review. The duo’s EP From Right here, FOR ANYBODY, released from the Hidden Shoal label, recalled the complex defeat constructions of Arndt’s previously Close to the Parenthesis function. The 4th NtP full-length, 2010’s Music for the Forest Concourse, was the project’s least digital recording yet, nonetheless it still included complex agreements and digital editing. 2011’s Japanese for newbies was designed being a tiny return to more descriptive programming, but included rich, in advance piano melodies. The full-length was quickly accompanied by The Near Pairing Thesis, a free of charge digital EP formulated with stripped-down piano reworks of music from his prior albums. 2014 full-length Cloud.Not really Hill tipped the concentrate back to consumer electronics again, with an increase of fractured beats and sparser, less enveloping melodies than his recent function. In 2016, Arndt released Helical, a stripped-down ambient recording he previously originally envisioned because the follow-up to his debut ten years previously.

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