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Hailing from Tallin, Estonia, Ne Zhdali was probably one of the most fascinating rock bands to go up from your soviet underground following a fall from the Communist regime. Mixing punk energy using the intricacy of true intensifying rock (believe Henry Cow), periodic funk rhythms and Balkanese folk melodies, the sextet shown tremendous levels of energy on-stage. It released a small number of albums during its initial decade and released the profession of its head, Leonid Soybelman, who continued to get an important body in Western european avant-rock. Soybelman (electric guitar, vocals), Ilja Komarov (bass), and Andrei Kulagin (aka “Bitty” or Victor Bitlovsky; vocals, keyboards, euphonium) began to play jointly in senior high school. Following the guitarist’s 2 yrs in the Russian military, they teamed up with drummer Vitaly Redchits, trombonist Oleg Davidovitch, trumpeter Veeremaa Vadim, and keyboardist Avi Nedzvetsky. Soybelman was mixed up in Russian Drama Movie theater, several multidisciplinary artists located in Tallin. The troupe required a house music group and therefore in Feb, 1987, Ne Zhdali found lifestyle. The name means “Unforeseen” and originates from the name of the 19th hundred years painting by Ilya Repin. Right away, Ne Zhdali built a crazy stage present, its virtuoso tempo section and eccentric brass section framing Soybelman’s punkish vocal delivery and electric guitar playing. The initial concert occurred in November 1987 and shortly the group was playing rock and roll festivals throughout the U.S.S.R. (Gorbachev’s perestroïka was completely golf swing). A increasing popularity resulted in authorization in 1989 to look West, more specifically, to Amsterdam to record the debut LP Rhinoceroses and OTHER STYLES of Lifestyle, released on ADM (Netherlands) in 1990. Nov the Communists and Estonia’s following declaration of self-reliance left many people, including Ne Zhdali associates, in citizenship limbo, which produced touring very hard. Tired of the problem, Soybelman emigrated to Israel and finally relocated to Switzerland. After a couple of months of doubt (where the other users released She-Ye-Ye, a assortment of materials from 1989, and Nedzvetsky stop) the group resumed its actions, touring European countries and documenting Hey, Driver, COOL OFF the Horses!!!, released concurrently in Russia (by Feelee) and European countries (by RecRec). The group made an appearance in the MIMI event in 1994. Whatever Happens, Twist! arrived a year later on and designated the group’s artistic maximum. Looks at Musique Actions (France), the Moers New Jazz event (Germany), as well as the Victoriaville FIMAV event (Canada) extended the group’s group of fans, but the fire had been dying. Growing sick and tired of the format, Soybelman experienced other suggestions. A “cooperation camp” with Amy Denio’s Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet yielded the Compact disc Pollo d’Oro which the group explores freer grounds. The guitarist’s fresh group, Kletka Crimson, released its debut Hijacking in 1997. Ne Zhdali proceeds to perform frequently, but besides archival materials, live recordings, and reissues, there was not a new recording in the functions since 1996. Soybelman includes a fruitful solo profession, Komarov prospects the group Les Halmas. Kulagin, Davidovitch, and Redchits created the R&B group BBX.

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