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This Swedish glam-metal quintet was formed in 1988 by vocalist Andy Pierce and guitarist Jonnie Wee, with Dick Qwarfort (bass), George Swanson (drums) and Roger White (keyboards) completing the line-up. They pursued a industrial hard rock path in the design of Bon Jovi and Whitesnake, debuting with Gigolos On Parole to common indifference. Wee was quickly changed by Peter Espinoza on acoustic guitar, and his introduction designated a move towards a far more glam-metal picture, with Mötley Crüe and Hanoi Stones influences overtaking. Cruel Purpose was the effect, released in 1991. A proclaimed improvement, it even so didn’t emulate this brand-new set of affects with regards to commercial reward.

Quick Facts

Full Name Nasty Idols
Music Songs Cool Way of Living, Head's down, The Way Ya' Walk, Alive n' Kickin', House of Rock 'n Roll, Can't Get Ya' Off My Mind, Trashed n'dirty, No More Rules, Westcoast City Rockers, Rock Out, Pleasure of the Pain, Boys Town, Ain't got nothin', Night By Night, Nite Like This, Dance of the wicked, Sister Sin, Method To My Madness, Since U Been Gone, Nightstalkin, Blind Leads Blind, Need The Nite, Over n'gone, Kalifornia, Pretty cut wild, Wish you were alive, Scar For Life, 7 Year Itch, Electric wonderland, Do ya'want another, Hellout shakeout, Don't Tear It Down
Albums Cruel Intention, Gigolos on Parole, Vicious, Heroes for Sale, Kalifornia, Boy's Town

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