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Nancys Rubias

An electro pop/glam group shaped in Madrid in 2004 by Mario Vaquerizo, Juan Pedro, Miguel Balanzategui, and Susie Pop, Nancys Rubias are tightly connected with Fangoria, as Vaquerizo is both Alaska’s spouse and Fangoria’s supervisor, and Nacho Canut writes all their lyrics. Plus, they often times tour and perform as Fangoria’s assisting take action. Conceived in the spur of as soon as like a novelty take action/internal joke, Nancys Rubias consider their ironic obsession with kitsch, androgynous sexuality, bubblegum punk, and disco to the idea of self-parody. Predictably, this well-connected idea band includes a heightened press profile, and its own albums and singles possess proved very popular. The group’s hedonist fun experienced an enormous blow using the suicide of Susie Play 2008, but Nancys Rubias rebounded with 2011’s Ahora o Nunca, their 4th and best-selling record to date.

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