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Nana Simopoulos

Baltimore native Nana Simopoulos got her begin in the music globe early, understanding how to play the piano at age five. Unsatisfied using the device, she announced to her parents that she was shifting to your guitar, and began learning classical electric guitar. She shifted to Greece immediately after, and began getting into modern bands and performers. Her contact with this music motivated her to try out in rock and roll and folk groupings in addition to match her classical electric guitar research. Once she changed 19, it had been back again to the Expresses to get a crash training course in jazz. After hearing it for the very first time, she signed up for a guitar college and began learning from performers like Eddie Truck Halen and Pat Metheney. By enough time 1983 rolled around, she sensed more than self-confident in her songwriting abilities to record an record. Pandora’s Blues was the effect, a cooperation with a few of her contemporaries. She began focusing on her improvisational abilities, and by enough time 1986’s Winds and Atmosphere was documented, she got become quite adept at that skill also. Still Waters implemented it up a couple of years later, overall her 80’s jazz produces with an improvisational record. Turning towards even more avant garde methods of song composing, the uncommon Gaia’s Fantasy brought her nearer to audio paintings and from the original jazz of her previous. Since that time, she’s released several extremely experimental and interesting albums that reveal her talents being a guitarist so when a pioneer in contemporary jazz.

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