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My Dad Is Dead

Created by drummer Tag Edwards in August 1984 following the breakup from the Cleveland group Riot Architecture, MY FATHER Is Dead provides remained his single task — with occasional help from a revolving-door cast. Edwards discovered to try out guitar during later 1984, and performed his first present the following season with a support band comprising a drum machine. He documented his initial LP, And He’s Not really Gonna Consider It Anymore, at a friend’s house studio room, and released it in-may 1986 on St. Valentine Information. After an extended tour supporting Contemporary English and the Butthole Surfers, he released Serenity, Like and Murder in-may 1987. Edwards authorized a agreement with Homestead Information early the next 12 months, and released Let’s Miss the Details in-may 1988. Immediately after, he added the 1st bandmembers to MY FATHER Is Deceased: bassist Jeff Curtis and drummer John McEntire (later on to gain popularity in Tortoise). THE VERY BEST Defense, an recording of materials from the prior album’s sessions, premiered on Homestead in Dec 1988. With McEntire eliminated to Bastro and Curtis unwilling to tour, Edwards recruited the Prisonshake tempo section — Chris Burgess on bass and Scott Pickering on drums — for any 1989 tour of European countries. The group’s 5th recording, a 1989 dual LP entitled The Taller You Are, the Shorter You Obtain, was its last for Homestead. With another lineup (this time around guitarists Tim Gilbride and Doug Gillard plus Burgess on bass), MY FATHER Is Dead relocated to Scat Information in Apr 1990 for the Sparkle EP. The band’s 1st recording for Scat, Chopping Down the Family members Tree, premiered in Oct 1991. Over 2 yrs later on, Out of View, Out of Brain also made an appearance on Scat, acknowledged to MDID. Edwards and organization relocated to Trance Syndicate the next 12 months, and released For Richer, for Poorer in 1995.

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