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Musica Antiqua Köln

Reinhard Goebel founded Musica Antiqua Köln in 1973. The ensemble committed itself to playing Baroque music on period musical instruments, with a specific penchant for playing neglected or overlooked repertoire. A lot of their finest albums have marketed well without offering music by well-known composers. These produces also may actually have got boosted the (posthumous) professions of composers such as for example Heinichen, using their concerti record from 1993, as well as the Veracini Overture record from 1994. Goebel hasn’t only proven courage in development unconventional repertoire, but in addition has been recognized to consider dangers in his method of relatively well-known functions. For example, his ensemble has the last motion of Bach’s third Brandenburg concerto at a after that unrivaled, breakneck tempo. Furthermore, Goebel acquired sound musicological proof the fact that piece ought to be performed that way. The initial primary ensemble included Goebel and Hajo Bass on violin, with Eva Bartos on viola da gamba. Nevertheless, the constituency from the ensemble provides changed over time, with just Goebel remaining continuous. Bartos only shows up on Musica Antiqua Köln recordings until 1977, and was changed by Jonathan Wire and Charles Medlam. By 1980, Jaap ter Linden shows up most regularly as either cellist or gambist, and by the middle-1980s, he’s replaced once again by Phoebe Carrai. Goebel’s companions on violin possess included Hajo Bass, Manfredo Kremer, and Florian Deuter amongst others. Many players who’ve still left the ensemble possess enjoyed spectacular professions afterward, including harpsichordists Andreas Staier and Robert Hill, violinists Hajo Bass and Manfredo Kraemer, aswell as Charles Medlam, and ter Linden playing bowed bass musical instruments, and Wilbert Hazelzet playing flute. In 1990, Goebel created tendinitis and was compelled to abandon his single playing career. The final record which he performed being a soloist was his 1990 documenting from the Rosenkranz sonatas by Heinrich Biber. After 1990, he continuing to immediate the ensemble, and finally returned in a restricted capability by playing his violin still left handed. The ensemble continuing to tour and record extremely actively, but their finest work originated from the time before Goebel harmed himself. It disbanded in 2007.

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