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Música Antigua

The Musica Antigua ensemble keeps on in the tradition of Atrium Musicae de Madrid, and includes a direct connect to that ensemble in more ways than simply aesthetics. Creator Eduardo Paniagua was person in the Atrium together with his three brothers, Luis, Carlos, and older member, creator Gregorio Paniagua. The brand new group is situated in Madrid, as was the Atrium. Eduardo developed both the fresh group and a label, Pneuma, in 1994, so that as usual because of this family there is quite an ambitious objective arranged: the documenting and interpretation of the entire “Cantigas of Santa Maria” manuscript related to Alfonso X, the Smart the poet ruler. The people of the group are vocal and instrumental professionals, carrying out on reproductions of classic tools. These recreations had been predicated on portraits from historic books as well as the iconography from the 12th to 14th generations. The group also targets Andalusian musics which have not really been documented previously, through the rich customs and poetic antiquity of Moslem, Christian, and Jewish societies that intermingled through the initial few century of the next millenium. The group’s record Jardin de Al Andalus, a assortment of Hispanic Moslem music, was extremely praised by critics for, among other activities, the documenting of parts in old structures and other ambitious, sometimes echoey places.

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