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Mr. Velcro Fastener

Echoing electro’s usual themes and fascinations, this Finnish task apply arch game titles such as for example ‘Real Robots Don’t Pass away’, ‘Blue Displays’ and ‘Vector Graphics’ and ‘Robots 4 Life’ with their android-friendly model music. Mr Velcro Fastener is truly a duo, Tatu Metsätähti (b. Finland) and Tatu Peltonen (b. Finland), who 1st met in college and started collaborating musically in the first 90s. Located in Turku, dubbed Finland’s ‘town of digital music’, and sketching impact from Sheffield, Britain (Warp Information) and Detroit, USA (Kenny Larkin, Metroplex), the duo created Mr Velcro Fastener in 1997. The name was evidently inspired by way of a senior high school friend who didn’t understand the British term ‘Velcro fastener’, thinking it to become the name of the person. Peltonen and Metsätähti released two EPs independently Connect Entertainment imprint ahead of issuing 1999’s Lucky Bastards Living Up North via the German i220 label (the record was eventually re-issued 2 yrs later on the brand new York, USA-based Strata label). Peltonen and Metsätähti called their follow-up Otherside as the atmosphere was darker and much more melancholic compared to the cheery, previous school disposition of its forerunner. Mr Velcro Fastener notably added to Erlend Øye’s Unrest, an record which the Kings Of Comfort vocalist collaborated with different electronica tasks in different metropolitan areas. Mr Velcro Fastener’s springy electro transpired to become an ideal accompaniment towards the Norwegian’s melancholic vocals. Peltonen and Metsätähti’s music in addition has been found in the UK dilemma series Tinsel City, about a band of Glasgow-based twenty-somethings.

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