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This instrumental Krautrock group in the Westfalia region of Germany only lasted about 2 yrs and were able to self-release one very obscure record in the mid-’70s. Morpheus’ brief history starts in 1971 with the forming of the jazz group Opossum. This six-member group ultimately split when two from the musicians wished to veer additional into free of charge jazz, whereas the various other four — guitarist Gerold Adler, bassist Peter “Rabe” (Raven) Blömeke, saxophonist Heinrich Holtgreve, and drummer Alfred Franke — wished to add even more rock and roll elements with their audio. After Blömeke do a short stint using the very much better-known Krautrock music group Mythos, the four met up near the starting of 1975 to create Morpheus. Whereas Opossum’s music was totally improvised with songs that continued forever and had been somewhat unfocused, the brand new quartet focused even more on syncopated rhythms, aswell as the idea of using echo to produce audio shapes to be placed into the songs. Though still extremely jazzy and improvised, Morpheus experienced far more rock and roll and compositional components within their music, much like additional fusion organizations like Kraan, Munju, Out of Concentrate, while others. In March of 1976 they documented an recording, and self-released it immediately after, pressing 500 copies beneath the name Rabenteuer, which combines the German terms for “raven” and “experience.” The record was popular by those that noticed it and quickly became a uncommon collector’s item, though it was perfected slightly slow so the audio was a semi-tone as well low, a issue that was ultimately rectified using the Backyard of Delights Compact disc reissue. When Franke remaining the group in past due 1976 or extremely early 1977, the music group continued with a fresh drummer. However, 90 days later on saxophonist Holtgreve relocated to another area in Germany, and others decided to contact it quits. Holtgreve ultimately became a member of a bluegrass music group, while Adler later on created a fusion music group, imaginatively called the Gerold Adler Fusion Band, and in addition taught guitar, as the various other two drifted away of music for various other careers. Morpheus’ exclusive record was reissued by Backyard of Delights in 1998 using a 20-minute reward track extracted from the same periods as the initial LP. Though they certainly are a footnote in German rock and roll background, their record will probably be worth seeking out for individuals who just like the jazzier aspect of Krautrock.

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